Can you afford to run a heavy haul set-up that hasn’t been optimized?

It is critical to choose the correct engine, transmission, and axle combination to optimize speed, load, and fuel consumption.

Joe has the background and experience in truck-based transportation systems to analyze and recommend the most optimal power trains and associated systems. Joe specializes in heavy haul and road train mining applications including Allison fully automatic transmissions.

  • Powertrain + Drivetrain Recommendations

  • Productivity Calculations

  • Cost/Ton Comparisons


A heavy haul analysis by Joe answers the following critical questions:

  • How many unit sets do I need to move X tons per year?
  • Which is the most productive configuration?
  • Which is the most cost effective configuration?
  • What is the effect of inflation on my cost inputs?

Analysis Process

  • Review road conditions (grades, surface, etc.)
  • Evaluate power and drivetrain for various payloads
  • Calculate performance of road train on a given road
  • Estimate roundtrip travel time and tonnage capability per day
  • Estimate tonnage per road train per year
  • Optimize annual operational, maintenance, and capital costs


  • Haulage costs per ton
  • $/ton-mile
  • Side-by-side comparisons with up to four different configurations

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