How well do you speak the language of trucks?

Understanding the fundamentals of heavy truck design opens the door to purchasing, operating, and driving safe and cost-effective trucks.

  • Truck Fundamentals Video Packages

    A series of informative packages about the basic mechanics of truck design, including videos, high-level articles, deep dive technical explanations, and quizzes.

  • Classroom Training

    Classroom training at your facility is available based on a curriculum designed with your needs in mind.


If you are in any way related to the truck business, my video training series is for you. Maybe you’re into sales, purchasing, operations, or maybe you’re in management. Maybe you’re a driver and you just need to know more about the truck that you’re driving. Or perhaps you’re just somebody who is interested in the technology of trucks.

This set of video packages about the basic mechanics of trucks is a great introduction or refresher. Each package includes:

  • Engaging, high-energy 4-5 minute video on one aspect of truck design.
  • Informative, high-level article about the topic (2-minute read)
  • Deep-dive technical explanation
  • Quiz and answer sheet

As we explore these subjects together, you will see that there are a lot of concepts that will allow us to become better at what we do. Each of these 10 packages contains a short video, some written material, and a quiz to will help you evaluate your understanding.

The videos are easy to watch with the intent that you can watch them at home sitting in an easy chair.

The written material consists of two parts: the first is an easy-to-read introduction to the topic and the second part is an in-depth discussion with graphics and text.

These packages are not repair manuals. Nor are they design manuals. Rather, they are a series of training packages that will teach you the concepts behind a truck, some of the unique technology in a truck’s design, and how we make a truck more efficient.

Why do I think I’m able to teach you something here? I am Joe Johansson and I’ve been involved with all aspects of trucking on three continents for over 45 years. I earned my heavy duty truck license in South Africa, driving an International F210D and a 13-speed gearbox back in 1974. I’ve been involved with trucks ever since.

I am passionate about trucks, and I hope I can help you understand some of the technology inherent in today’s trucks. Having a good understanding of the fundamentals will certainly give you greater insight and bring you greater benefits in your business. And it will make you a smarter user and consumer.

Purchase each video package separately for $24.99, or save by purchasing the whole set for $224.91!

Click on a video package below to learn more about each topic.

  • Power

    How is power calculated and used?

  • Kinetic Energy

    It’s all about braking. Every moving body, including a vehicle, possesses kinetic energy. So, what is it really?

  • Automaticity

    The trend today is towards automatic and automated transmissions.

  • Engine Sweet Spot

    Why is driving in the engine sweet spot important and what does it do for you?

  • Vibration

    Why is vibration so debilitating for the driver, as well as the mechanical systems on a truck?

  • Friction

    Friction can have both good and bad effects in a vehicle. Can you identify them?

  • Gear Ratio

    Gears are fundamental to any powertrain. Learn how torque changes through different gear ratios.

  • Transmission PTOs

    Understand how transmission power take-offs are fundamental to any vocational truck.


Classroom training at your facility is available based on a curriculum designed with your needs in mind.

Typical subjects in fundamental technology include (but are not limited to):

  • Engine
  • Transmissions
  • Axles
  • Vehicle performance
  • Forces in propulsion
  • Weight Distribution calculations
  • Federal Bridge Formula calculations
  • Power take offs (PTOs)

Let’s talk about how Joe could help you