Johansson & Associates has extensive background and experience in truck-based transportation systems requiring analysis and recommendations of powertrains and associated systems. We specialize in heavy haul and road train mining applications using Allison’s fully automatic transmissions.

  • Project Management

    • Developed Allison Transmission support equipment including Power Take-Offs.
    • Oversaw expansion of Laminate Industries production plant in South Africa.
    • Installed turn-key equipment at S.M.Goldstein’s South African mines.
  • Heavy Haul Operations

    Directed movement of heavy loads using Pacific and Nicolas equipment for South African Transport Services during SASOL construction.

  • Vehicle Development

    • Designed specifications for truck and trailer equipment purchases for South African Transport Services.
    • Provided engineering support for Allison Transmission’s powertrain integration with PACCAR and Daimler Truck N.A.
    • Conducted vehicle tests.
  • Performance Analysis

    Analyzed heavy haul route performance of trucks using Allison transmissions.

  • Product Development

    Developed converter module for Allison Transmission.

  • Production Facility Management

    Managed truck and trailer production facility with 160 employees for South African Transport Services.

  • Powertrain Optimization And Recommendations

    • Lectured for NTEA on powertrain optimization.
    • Lectured to Allison Transmission sales staff on Science To Sales training.

What Others Are Saying

“Joe Johansson and I have worked together for a number of years. His significant knowledge of heavy vehicles and tremendous work ethic leaves no doubt that his efforts will provide the best solution for the customer. Joe truly is an ‘optimizer’ of heavy vehicle systems.”
Rich Price, Director, Application Engineering, Allison Transmission Inc.

“Joe can relate vehicle performance predictions in such a way that impresses people from all levels; from Engineering VP’s; demanding Operations Managers, experienced truck drivers, through to the least educated audiences.”
Tony McParland, Application Engineer, Western Star, Daimler Truck N.A.

“I first worked with  Joe on a thirty tri-axle dump truck deal in 2005. Since then, we built the ultimate heavy-haul truck, being able to run 70 mph empty and move up to 450,000 lbs loaded. Could not have done it with out Joe’s help and guidance. He has truly been one of the great people to work with in the transportation field.”
Shawn Allen, Sales Manager, Crows Truck Service

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